Emergency exercise held at Fort Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield

Emergency exercise held at Fort Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield worked on a joint training operation Tuesday complete with ambulances, fire trucks, and a crashed plane.

Fort Stewart staged a tornado emergency, while Hunter simulated a military plane crash exercise.

There were no casualties in this simulated plane crash, but there were serious injuries. People were transported and military firefighters guarded the scene as they enacted a disaster as big as a plane crash.

The military even took this training as far as tagging the victims as they would in a real setting.

“We have a set of operational plans and policies that we implement and that we go by on both installations, and when we come out for this exercise, we evaluate those plans and policies when we come out and try to implement them."

As a part of this exercise, you can see Chatham County Emergency Services load up the injured men and women to take them to Memorial Health.

The evaluation team hired to monitor this disaster response plan helps implement new procedures that would make responses smoother, especially with civilian agencies helping.

“They are taking a look at our firefighter, our law enforcement procedures, our Department of Public Works, what actions do they take when we go into recovery, and things like that,” said Randall McPherson, Fort Stewart Emergency Manager. “Our emergency operations center, they look at our plants, policies and procedures to ensure everyone is safe.”

As mentioned, Memorial Health took part in the drill. Several patients from the event at Fort Stewart were taken to Memorial's emergency department and Level 1 trauma center for evaluation.

The purpose of the drill is to provide a training opportunity and improve preparedness in the event of an actual emergency.

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