Community Champions: Consumer Credit Counseling Service

Community Champions: Consumer Credit Counseling Service

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Richard Reeve says the ostrich approach does not work for dealing with money issues.

Instead, people can stick their heads into the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Savannah Area for help setting a new financial direction. The non-profit organization has helped people work through credit issues for six decades.

"Basically anytime someone comes in, we'll look at their financial goals,’’ said Reeve, the director of financial education for Consumer Credit Counseling. “We will look at their income, their assets, their liabilities. We’ll look at their debt, look at their expenses, then talk through options and come up with an action plan together to empower them to improve their financial wellness.’’

While most of Consumer Credit Counseling's work is on personal finances in one-on-one consultations, the organization also offers credit workshops for individuals who hoping to start or grow a business.

"A lot of folks are out there doing good work, doing some really creative and some great small businesses,’’ said Reeve. “But they need funding and credit has been a big obstacle for them. What we're going to learn is how to pull our credit for free, we're going to practice reviewing a credit report, talk about disputing errors. Then we'll talk about how do we build credit, rebuild credit and manage the credit that we've got.’’

Claretha Pinkney sought out the Community Champions at Consumer Credit Counseling attended with questions on how to open a vendor mall that will give other businesses a place to set up shop.

"I wanted to know how to raise money to expand the business and how to improve credit scores,’’ said Pinkney. “I think it’s getting me on the right path.’’

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