Ludowici parents, residents want solution for dangerous intersection

Ludowici parents, residents want solution for dangerous intersection

LUDOWICI, Ga. (WTOC) - The City of Ludowici is speaking out about traffic issues they say they’ve been dealing with for years.

Mayor James Fuller, Jr. says they have reached out to the Georgia Department of Transportation numerous times about the intersection of Highway 84 and Macon Street, but nothing has been done about it.

A WTOC crew sat at the intersection for hours early Wednesday morning to watch the congestion the city has complained about for years. Parents we spoke to say they think there should be a light there to help with morning traffic.

“Four thousand kids in school, all going to school at the same time, plus 29 trains a day going back and forth. What happens about 7:20, 7:25 in the morning, we have a train and it slows traffic down,” Mayor Fuller said.

Mayor Fuller says within the last couple of years, they have had multiple accidents and four fatalities at the intersection on Highway 84 and Macon Street.

“We’ve talked with the state, and they tell us 'we don’t have the traffic count.”

Parents say it’s a nightmare.

“It takes a long time. Sometimes I can be sitting here in the morning when I’m taking my children to school for about maybe five minutes or so," said Mary, a Ludowici resident.

She says the congestion is so bad that she takes an alternate route now to miss the traffic.

Mayor Fuller says they need a red light, but he says the state isn’t convinced.

“The red light will stop a lot of the traffic and it will defer a lot of the traffic right here on Macon Street, where they can go down and access the school in a different place," Mayor Fuller said.

“I have seen a lot of traffic, and I have seen very close accidents to where someone almost got into a car accident, so by them putting a traffic light right here at this intersection, I think it would help out significantly because it has more control over the traffic that’s traveling north and south on 84.”

Mayor Fuller says especially with Ludowici growing in population, he’s afraid more tragic accidents will happen at the intersection if a light isn’t placed there.

WTOC reached out to GDOT about studies done in the area. We are waiting to hear back.

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