Bulloch County residents upset about horse not being properly cared for

Bulloch County residents upset about horse not being properly cared for

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Some people are concerned about the condition of a horse in Bulloch County.

Joey Sanders with Bulloch County Animal Control says three months ago, the horse was tethered to a power pole. The owner was warned that changes had to be made.

Sanders says the horse was doing better, but a few days later, animal control got another call to check on the horse. That’s when they found it was back in poor health.

“The owner was supposed to get some hay out here in the past day or so, and has not,” Sanders said.

Sanders did find feed and water, but no hay. He says that’s the vital nutrition horses need, especially this time of year.

“You’re not going to put weight back on this horse giving it just feed. You’ve got to be careful or you’ll give it colic when it’s hot like this, eating horse feed too,” Sanders said.

He says they’re trying to work with the person who has the horse to take better care or return the horse to the owner in Bryan County. Sanders says they often find people who have a horse and find themselves overwhelmed with the care they need.

“You come out and find the horse has sand belly, or they have problems with their teeth, and the owners aren’t familiar with any of those,” Sanders said.

Sand belly comes from grazing in an area that has more dirt than grass.

Sanders says neglecting an animal can get you a citation or brought to court to surrender the animal.

County officials are checking on the horse and deciding on their next move. They’ve been working on the case for the past several weeks.

Right now, the horse is living in a pen and drinking water from an old bathtub.

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