Chatham Board of Elections to consider creating new precincts, polling locations in Pooler

Chatham Board of Elections to consider creating new precincts, polling locations in Pooler

POOLER, Ga. (WTOC) - With the November election just a few months away, Chatham County Board of Elections members are looking at the possibility of making some adjustments to precincts and voting locations in a growing area of the county.

Last year in Pooler, lines stretched out of polling locations and people waited for hours to cast their ballots.

In less than a week, the Board of Elections will be looking at the possibility of creating two new precincts to more evenly disperse voters in Pooler.

It’s not a done deal, though. Pooler City Council talked about the possibility at their last council meeting, and they, along with city staff, expressed their concerns about the time it would take to create the precincts ahead of this November’s election.

Pooler Mayor Mike Lamb said he’s relying on the city attorney and others to make sure that whatever is decided is done properly and by the book.

“I think that Pooler’s City Council cares deeply about their citizens. I think that they ultimately want more polls," Antwan T. Lang, Chatham County Board of Elections member, said.

Lang says new voting machines coming out next year will keep the Board of Elections busy enough without having to adjust for new precincts as well.

“The reason I am pushing, me personally, this isn’t talking about the board; me personally, I would like to see us go ahead and add these precincts this year so that we can focus for next year’s election, so that we have time to do that," he said.

Pooler’s northern and southern precincts have more than 6,000 registered voters. Under the changes being considered, two additional precincts would be created, spreading the number out and possibly cutting down on the long waits.

One of the new polling locations being looked at, if the Board of Elections votes to create the new precincts, is at Sheppard Living off Quacco Road. The other is still being considered.

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