Georgia Southern football player pleads not guilty, 911 call released of incident in Fla.

Georgia Southern football player pleads not guilty, 911 call released of incident in Fla.

BRADFORD COUNTY, Fla. (WTOC) - Audio obtained by WTOC from the Bradford County, Fla. Sheriff’s Office sheds some light on the disturbing details that led to Georgia Southern University football player Quan Griffin and his two family members being arrested and charged with multiple felonies.

In the recording, you hear the 911 dispatcher try to calm down Griffin's ex-girlfriend and mother of his child.

Victim: "I can't even lock my door, I don't even know if they're coming back. I'm scared for my life, literally."

911 dispatcher: “They’re going to be on the way to you, but I just want you to breathe and calm down. It’s going to be OK, OK?”

Victim: “OK.”

911 dispatcher: "I have law enforcement in route to you and I also have medic."

Victim: "He has my phone! He has my phone! He has my phone (crying). He has everything. Oh my God (crying)."

According to the police report, the woman and man were in bed asleep when they heard a loud bang and three black men entered the bedroom.


Victim: "Busted my door down in my house, came in my room- we were sleeping. We both have to work in the morning, came in and started- almost killed him they beat him so bad. There was three of them. They beat this man so bad he almost died. I had to go running to the neighbors, banging on the door asking for a phone. I tried to call 911 and he took my phone out of my hand and was choking the s**t out of me."

911 dispatcher: "He choked you too?"

Victim: "Yes, he choked the s**t out of me and got my phone, because I was calling 911. I've got marks all over me."

You can listen to the entire 911 call below:

[Warning: This call could be disturbing to some viewers.]

911 calls from incident in Bradford County, Fla.

The police report says that the three men began to “stomp the man that was in bed.” The victim said that one of the males placed a small black semi-automatic pistol to his face and stated, “I should *expletive* shoot you.”

Police noted that the male victim had numerous lacerations and foot prints on his head, back and chest as well as a visibly broken bone sticking through his skin.

The child that Griffin and the woman share was at the apartment at the time of the attack.

Victim: “There’s blood everywhere. My baby is in the crib! My baby is in the crib. (crying) It’s OK baby, it’s OK. I’m surprised he didn’t take my baby. (crying) I just want you to catch them and put them in jail.”

Griffin faces charges of first degree misdemeanor battery, second degree felony aggravated battery, second degree felony weapon offense, first degree misdemeanor criminal mischief, first degree felony burglary, third degree felony larceny, first degree felony robber for a home invasion with a deadly weapon and third degree felony of obstructing justice for threatening or intimidating a witness or victim.

Griffin is being held in jail with a $345,000 bond.

WTOC has learned that on Aug. 20, Griffin entered a plea of not guilty and requested a jury trial. Griffin has also changed attorneys. The new attorney declined to speak with WTOC.

A non-contact order has been issued for him and the two victims.

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