Richmond Hill Police looking for suspect responsible for car break-in

Richmond Hill Police looking for suspect responsible for car break-in

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - Richmond Hill Police are asking for the public’s help finding a suspect in a car break-in case.

Officers said car break-ins are a big issue in the area.

Lt. Brad Sykes with the Richmond Hill Police Department says it only takes seconds for someone to find an unlocked car, rummage through it, steal what they want, and leave.

The department posted pictures to their Facebook page, hoping someone in the community may recognize the person.

Lt. Sykes said car break-in cases are common and they see them every year. So far this year, he says they have only seen a total of 19 break-ins so far compared to 2018 with over 100, and that’s only for the ones that have been reported. He says they are looking to reduce that number quickly.

Lt. Sykes says when some cases are not reported, it makes it a lot harder for them to keep up. He says they don’t have eyes everywhere, but the public does, which why they are asking for help.

“Sometimes these subjects will just enter a car, rummage through, and if they don’t find anything, they leave without actually taking anything, and generally people don’t those," he said. “Sometimes they do, but generally they don’t, so it’s a little difficult for us to know what kind of trends we’re having or where subjects may be targeting if they’re not reported."

Lt. Sykes says they are reminding people to double and triple check to make sure doors are properly locked. He is also urging people to speak up if they see anything and report anything that may seem suspicious.

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