Wayne County EMA watching Dorian’s progress

Wayne County EMA watching Dorian’s progress

WAYNE COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) -You don’t have to live directly on the coast to feel the devastating effects of a hurricane.

That’s why Wayne County Emergency Management Agency officials met on Wednesday to watch and track Dorian’s progress.

Wayne County EMA Director Richard Johnson says it’s too early to make any major decisions, but he still wants Wayne County to be ready. He says they are in their enhanced monitoring phase, which means the staff is keeping a close eye on the storm and any effects it may bring to the county.

Johnson says he wants everyone to be prepared.

"Everybody should have at least a gallon on water per day per person in a house for three days and non-perishable foods; food for everyone in the home that you could use in the event of the storm, batteries, flashlights, weather radio or separate battery-powered radio where you can stay in touch and find out what the status is of everything.”

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