New security protocol rolling out for SCCPSS sporting events

New security protocol rolling out for SCCPSS sporting events

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - If you plan on attending any sporting events for schools in Chatham County, you’ll see new security protocols starting Friday night.

Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools announced this week that the security upgrades will include screening areas outside stadium gates, and bag searches.

The pilot program for the new security protocols will cover this fall’s football season. New security measures will be set up at at least one location each weekend. It’s all part of an on-going effort to make all aspects of District events and facilities safer for all.

“It’s just reached a point where they felt that as an extension of that, they needed to start rolling it out at basically all major district events," said Sheila Blanco, SCCPSS, Public Information Manager.

The district will roll out the new, enhanced security measures without saying where, so that people get used to being prepared to follow the new guidelines.

“It’s basically the same type of clear-bag policy you see at stadiums throughout the country for professional events, for college events, and also, there will be screenings with the metal detectors. If the metal detector dings, then they will also have hand-held metal detectors and can do further screenings if necessary," Blanco said.

Security officers will also have you open up bags. Here’s a graphic the school district released showing the accepted bags and totes and their dimensions:

“They’ll have to have them open, and they will be examined, and all of our campus security staff, they’re being trained on those types of procedures and how to do it," Blanco said.

It will be a combination of Board of Education Police and civilian security officers helping to implement the new security measures.

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