Florida woman wrapping home in plastic ahead of Hurricane Dorian

DAVIS, Fla. (WFOX/WJAX/CNN) - Many Floridians are either getting out or hunkering down ahead of Hurricane Dorian.

One woman is wrapping her home in plastic and securing it with about 300 sandbags and duct tape.

Brittany Vidal, of Davis, Fla., lived through Hurricanes Matthew and Irma, although her home flooded in both storms.

She’s considering raising her home on stilts – as many did after those storms. But for now, she’s using plastic.

"Hopefully our barricade will do something for us this year, but at least we can immediately start getting fans, get things going," Vidal said.

Vidal lives in an area that was asked to evacuate – along with 149,000 other people.

However, for now, she’s is staying put.

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