Cleanup underway in the Lowcountry after Hurricane Dorian

Cleanup underway in the Lowcountry after Hurricane Dorian

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Hurricane Dorian passed through the Lowcountry Wednesday night into Thursday, and left a mess in its path.

Lots of limbs and debris are in the road and power trucks are out all over Beaufort County. One crew is removing a tree from a garage, where neighbors say they heard a “tearing" noise around 2:45 a.m.

“I think all the real strong winds were closer to the eye from what I was gathering from watching the news and everything. We got real lucky,” said clean-up volunteer, Scott Jennings.

With things like a sailboat in a marsh and downed trees - a few of those landing on homes and buildings - people are still seeing some effects from Dorian on Thursday.

“The wind has picked up more a few hours ago. Like my brother, I talked to my brother; we didn’t get that much wind that I could hear last night, but then all of a sudden, I guess the back side of the storm just had a few good bands with some winds coming through it,” Jennings said. “I mean, it knocked a few limbs and stuff. My brother said a tree fell down, and it’s just been a lot stronger than what we got last night.”

Neighbors are doing whatever they can to lend a hand.

“I did have some calls yesterday evening where we went down and let some people who couldn’t get their generators going rent some from us, but we gave them a really good deal just to help them out,” Jennings said.

WTOC has checked with city and county officials all through the Lowcountry, and so far, no one has any major damage to report at this time.

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