Crews clean rotten trees out of road near Wilmington Island

Crews clean rotten trees out of road near Wilmington Island

WILMINGTON ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) - Spotty power outages and lots of yard work is what many locals are returning to on Wilmington and Whitemarsh islands on Thursday.

For a few unlucky people, rotten trees were topped over as Hurricane Dorian’s high winds kicked in.

For most of the day, the stretch of Victory Drive in Thunderbolt was without power. Drivers had to navigate four-way stops at three intersections that usually have working stoplights. Those who live in the area say they are relived the storm damage wasn’t much worse.

A rotten oak tree came down on Winchester Drive in Wilmington Park. Chatham County crews brought many neighbors outside to see the action. By early afternoon, the tree was cleared and hauled away.

“I think we dodged a bullet this time. The storm went by and we just got a little debris on the ground, and a power outage for just a few hours, and that was it, so we lucked out," said Wilmington Island resident, Buddy Hagin.

Over on Schooner Drive, even before the worst of Dorian hit overnight, the winds uprooted a rotten oak tree and laid it across the road on Wednesday night. By Thursday afternoon, it was all cleaned up.

Another rotten tree fell over off Whatley Avenue in Thunderbolt.

“It was a big boom, and then the lights went out. We weren’t too surprised though, because we often do lose power in a hurricane," said Thunderbolt residents, Linda and Bob Morgan.

Homeowners Linda and Bob Morgan woke up to a mess and then watched as Georgia Power managed crews to restring electrical lines and set new power poles. It proved to be an all-day job It had the Morgans thinking about what should happen next.

“We need to plant more trees to keep the character of this town,” Bob said.

“Yes, definitely. We need to do some more planting," Linda said.

Power crews WTOC spoke to couldn’t give an exact time for power restoration, but they’re hopeful to have the job done by the end of the day.

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