Coastal Empire sending donations to Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian

Coastal Empire sending donations to Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - We’re seeing more and more heartbreaking images and videos every day of the massive amount of damage and devastation in the Bahamas caused by Hurricane Dorian.

Here in the Coastal Empire, some groups are coming together to gather donations and necessities to help storm victims out.

WTOC spoke to some in the aviation business in Savannah who find themselves in the perfect spot to help expedite those resources to the islands where they’re needed most.

​On Thursday, Savannah Aviation posted all-call for donations that they’re not only willing to store in their hangar, but also fly down to airports in South Florida. In addition to helping storm victims, they’re hoping this effort also builds camaraderie in the aviation community at the airport.

“The best way to do that is by doing community outreach projects, and one of the best ones we can think of is to help out the people who are surviving from Hurricane Dorian,” said flight instructor, Joe Rodriguez, Savannah Aviation.

That post on social media has been shared hundreds of times, and in just 24 hours, tons of donations have come in. Savannah Aviation pilots will use their planes, as well as several on loan from Savannah Aviation members, to take load after load starting Saturday morning.

Savannah aviation will be taking all of the items on the donation list at their hangar, but they do say that they get more bang for their buck on those trips down to Florida when they can load up a plane full of the lighter-weight items.

As far as the heavier items, Rodriguez says they have a plan for those as well.

“We’re absolutely going to have the water that we have available, and work out a way to transport it down there," Rodriguez said. "The owner of the company is working with a trucking agency in order to truck those items down to Florida to get it to those various receiving points to get it on the bigger aircraft that can transport the water.”

Below is a list of items Savannah Aviation is looking to take:

Several other places are serving as drop-off locations in the Coastal Empire.

Richmond Hill City Hall and Richmond Hill Fire Department Station 1 are accepting everything from baby formula, to air mattresses, to medical supplies and more.

Here is a list of acceptable donations:

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