Good News: Savannah supports community during Hurricane Dorian

Good News: Savannah supports community during Hurricane Dorian

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The Coastal Empire is lucky to have people in our community who think of others during uncertain times, like the last few days with Hurricane Dorian.

“We just wanted to give back in a big way, and that’s why we’re here.”

Hurricane Dorian’s impact on the Coastal Empire was minimal, but the civility seen before, during, and after, was not.

With the storm less than a day away, the City of Savannah opened the doors of the Civic Center and sheltered anyone who had nowhere else to go.

“You take care of the least, and you’ll be all right. That’s the one thing you do,” said Savannah Mayor, Eddie DeLoach.

That was first link in a chain of compassion that followed. Two local food truck owners showed up with free meals to feed those working at and staying at the last-resort shelter.

“We’re able to feed the first responders. In fact, I’ve fed 123 first responders, and I’m grateful to do so,” said Donovan Smith, Sweet Spice Caribbean Restaurant.

Then, when the shelter was needed for just a short time, the city took enough food to last several days - more than 2,500 meals intended for emergency workers - and distributed it through Savannah Feed the Hungry to people like Christine Young, who said she did not have the means to evacuate.

“Everybody else can get out of town, everybody else can make their arrangements, but some people can’t, and that’s our job to make sure those folks are taken care of."

In or out of a storm, it was a job well done, and an example as impressive as the gesture.

“I think it’s very good if more people would come together and we be a family as one. It would be a better place,” Young said.

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