Savannah cemetery getting much-needed facelift

Savannah cemetery getting much-needed facelift

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A Savannah cemetery that is overgrown and littered with trash is getting a makeover.

The privately-owned Evergreen Cemetery off of ACL Boulevard has been a target of public scrutiny and city fines over the years due to its condition.

In recent years, volunteer groups from the surrounding community and those with loved ones buried there have taken it upon themselves to clean the underbrush and trash littered around the property. Now, a new effort is underway by a company hired by the City of Savannah.

“Once we get the general area in here cleaned up, we’re going to cut all the trees along the ditch there and get them down, so you’ll be able to see from one side of the cemetery to the other,” said Jason Jones, with Beers Housing, Inc.

The whole project is expected to take about 60 days, weather permitting, and cost around $90,000.

In addition to battling the heat during the cleanup process, the crew is also having to go up against another element: people still illegally dumping their garbage at the cemetery.

Jones says the hope is without as much tree cover, the illegal activity the area has seen will slow down, or go away altogether.

“That’s a continuous thing. Seems like almost every day where there’s something new still being dumped out here, so I just implore the community...stop,” Jones said.

Jones said he’s had a totally opposite experience, however, when it comes to encountering those wanting to lend a helping hand.

“We’ve had a couple guys out here with lawn mowers at different times just helping us cut around tombstones and stuff, just out of the kindness of their hearts. Their family member might be on the other side, but they’ll get out here with their lawnmowers and just help," Jones said.

The bill for the work will go to the property owner. If the fee is not paid, the city will place a lien on the property.

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