South Tattnall Middle School receives grant for STEM garden

South Tattnall Middle School receives grant for STEM garden

TATTNALL COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A grant for one middle school in Tattnall County will give students a place to study out in the fresh air.

Teachers at South Tattnall Middle School hope students will learn that STEM goes beyond robotics and gears. It’s also about living, breathing things like the plants in fields they see in agriculture around their community.

Students held out the $10,000 check like an all-A’s report card. A national agriculture program presented them with a grant to create a garden in an empty stretch of campus for a greenhouse, plant beds, and more.

The school got several local farmers to nominate them for the money. They hope to become STEM-certified, and to also add an agricultural program. Those students will learn about maintaining plants. The plants will also help teach math and science students.

“It’s real life, applicable skills that they can apply to their everyday lives, and helps us to be better able to teach the standards,” teacher Kerry Waters said.

They admit they’ll need more than a couple of shovels to get this started, but they can’t wait until this fall when they’ll have a field of study outside the normal classrooms.

Waters hopes they can start construction as soon as possible, get the greenhouse in place, and start some open plant beds and begin growing things in the ground so they can be coming back up in the fall.

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