Humberto strengthens into a Hurricane


Humberto is a Category One Hurricane with max sustained wind up to 75 miles per hour. Humberto is slowly moving northeast but will pick up speed Monday as it continues pulling away from the United States. Locally our impacts are limited to increased rip currents, 3-4’ waves and slightly higher than astronomical tides.

There is an area of low pressure (Invest 97-L) moving toward the central Atlantic with an 80% chance of developing into a tropical cyclone over the next five days. This system will likely become a tropical depression by the end of the week as it continues its west-northwest track. Most models bring the center of circulation north of the Lesser Antilles before curving north, but it is too early to be certain if there will be an impact to the mainland United States, but that would at least a week away.

There is also a disorganized area of showers and thunderstorms with only a 10% chance of developing into a tropical cyclone moving toward the western Gulf of Mexico. We will not feel an impact from this.

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