Memorial Health holds 41st neonatal reunion

Memorial Health holds 41st neonatal reunion

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Babies and their families got together for Memorial health’s 41st Neonatal Reunion Saturday.

It was an opportunity for families, physicians, and team members to celebrate the milestones the children have made.

“It’s super special I mean to come here and see these people that helped your baby through the toughest time of your life, probably their life it’s just amazing to see them in a completely different environment," said Anjali Sharma. "It brings back a lot of memories, but it’s also just really special to see and recognize those people that have been such a big part of your life.”

For Sharma, she said it’s not only an opportunity to come back every year and see the doctors that cared for their children.

“The neonatal unit is an area where we are here to help these babies, but also help these families going through a difficult time,” said neonatologist Erika Thomas.

Thomas, she said it’s also a time for both families and doctors to reflect on how far both kids and parents have come.

“The NICU experience is probably for most of the people here,” said parent Kaleb Scroggin. “It’s a very hard experience and so that’s why I think they do this reunion to come back and see people for the doctors especially to see these babies that were going through so much.”

Many parents like Sharma said each year only gets bigger and better.

“We definitely wanted to come back and see everybody that we hung out with for several weeks at the hospital that were caring for baby Ryan, he actually turns one on Monday and so it’s been a whole year,” Scroggin said.

Giving every year more meaning than the last.

“We know that we’re making a difference in their life but we want to see how they’re growing now and they’re usually here to see the nurses to see the doctors that have taken care of them and that’s why we do this kind of parties and and reunion for them," Thomas said.

The reunion was held at Calvary Day school in Savannah.

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