Many Georgia counties waiting for hurricane reimbursement funds

Evacuation costs rack up in Bryan County

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Hurricane Dorian may be long gone, but the impact of the storm is still being felt.

In Chatham County, Chairman Al Scott said the state informed the county it would not be reimbursed for mandatory evacuation costs.

Other counties in the area were also under mandatory evacuation orders.

Bryan County Board of Commissioners Chairman, Carter Infinger, said though Bryan County didn’t accrue as much money during evacuations like Chatham County, he said it’s still important to get that money reimbursed because it’s taxpayer dollars.

Bryan County fortunately did not feel the brunt of Hurricane Dorian.

Besides some downed trees and debris, Infinger said because they are a small county, they still racked up costs, but not as much as bigger counties like Chatham.

“Most of our expenses were manning our Emergency Operations Center 24/7 for those few days that we did," Infinger said. “We had a lot of overtime. We had some expenses for renting equipment, generators and things like that for debris removal."

Infinger said though they are still waiting to hear from the state about being reimbursed, he said in order to get federal reimbursement, both local and state thresholds or financial levels must be met.

Though Chatham County may have exceeded its threshold, it’s based on the entire state of Georgia.

“You know we accrue those costs, and this is taxpayer dollars that we’re spending, and we want to make sure if there’s a way to get reimbursed for those dollars, we account for every dollar that we spend so that we can get reimbursed for it," Infinger said. "It’s a kind of the after-the-storm going through and seeing exactly what we did spend.”

Infinger said they are working to figure how much the county did spend during that time.

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