Top Teacher: Jacquelyn Sellers, Mill Creek Elementary School

WTOC Top Teacher - Jacquelyn Sellers, Mill Creek Elementary

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) -This week’s WTOC Top Teacher grew up on Hilton Head Island, and has taught in Bryan, Effingham, and Bulloch counties.

Teaching is all about building trust. Jacquelyn Sellers from Mill Creek Elementary School understands that very well.

“Unless they trust you and unless they feel welcome and that you want what’s best for them, you are not going to get very far,” she said.

Sellers teaches special needs for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade students at Mill Creek Elementary in Statesboro. She was a general assignment teacher for many years, until she saw first hand how she could be better used.

“We found out, my husband and I, that our little boy had a disability, so it kind of sparked an interest, so once I started learning ways to help him to learn how to read, I decided I wanted to help other children learn how to read, not just my little boy," Sellers said.

Sellers says there is no better feeling than to help a student learn something new.

“It’s really fun when you see them get it, when you finally figure out a way to speak their language. To see their faces light up, they are feeling great about themselves," she said.

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