GSU Police awarded new vehicle to patrol traffic

GSU Police awarded new vehicle to patrol traffic

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Police and sheriffs’ departments all over Georgia gathered this week to recognize those who go above and beyond to help keep you safe on the roads.

It looked and sounded like a game show when officers turned the key Wednesday and won the fully-equipped Chevy Tahoe. Georgia Southern University’s police department is teaming up with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to track their traffic stops and safety enforcement.

The chief says they face a lot more traffic issues than people might realize.

"Seat belt usage, DUI’s, distracted driving, stops like that. You keep those statistics, and you turn them in,” said Chief Laura McCullough, University Police.

She says they can designate it for traffic while they use other patrol cars for any and every kind of call. University PD works with local police, sheriffs’ deputies, and troopers on an equal basis.

“On the Statesboro campus, you have 21,000 students, 3,000 employees on a daily basis. That’s a lot of traffic,” McCullough said.

With it coming free, the chief says that leaves money in their budget for other things to help them keep campus safe.

The fact that they edged out Georgia State University for this award - that was just icing on the cake.

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