Man Utd player helps dream trip come true for Ga. cancer survivor

Man Utd player helps dream trip come true for Pooler cancer survivor

POOLER, Ga. (WTOC) - Social media. Soccer. Surviving cancer.

Add all three together and what you get is the story of a Pooler, Ga. man who will soon get to experience one of his longtime dreams.

Watching soccer is common for John Burk. Wednesday night, he's watching Atlanta United, but his first love is English dynasty Manchester United.

"They're a love them or hate them team, and I've loved them for a long time,” Burk said.

But earlier this summer, the Pooler soccer fan got news no one ever wants.

"I felt a lump in my neck and my wife made me go get it checked out. From there, we found out that it was stage three testicular cancer,” Burk said.

The prognosis was good and treatment effective. Earlier this week, Burk got the word: he was cancer free.

Burk's friends wanted to help him celebrate, and former college teammate Dan Waymont knew just what to do.

"He's a big Man United fan. He's never been to England. Let's take him to Old Trafford,” Waymont said.

Waymont helped raise enough money to get Burk to England but needed a little more for tickets to a game. That's when Dan's brother called him with an idea.

"I'm going to tweet some of the guys on social media and see if any of the Man United players see it,” Waymont said his brother Matt told him.

It was just a shot in the dark, but one answered by one of the game's brightest young stars. And one of Burk's favorite players: Marcus Rashford.

“I'll sort this for you”, Rashford replied on Twitter.

Burk had his tickets.

"It's still blowing my mind that this has actually happened,” Waymont said.

"To go to Old Trafford is like going to Yankee Stadium for a baseball fan...only bigger and better,” Burk said.

The tweet has since gone viral in the United Kingdom. Other fans have even offered their tickets just in case.

Burk and his friends will make their trip to the grounds in November to see United play Brighton. A bucket list item now nearly checked off.

"I know it's going to feel bigger than I've ever imagined on TV. I'm just trying to take it all in and I know I will be there too,” Burk said.

After a trying summer for Burk, a week like this has been much needed and much deserved.

"To have all this good news and to be able to celebrate, it is really fun,” Burk said.

So, Burk’s friends Dan and Matt Waymont - who set this all up - are fans of Tottenham Hotspur. A league rival of Manchester United. But they say they’re going to put that rivalry aside for a day and wear some red for their friend’s celebration trip.

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