Sylvania store clerk robbed, beaten with baseball bat

Sylvania store clerk robbed, beaten with baseball bat

SYLVANIA, Ga. (WTOC) - A Sylvania convenience store clerk is recovering after being attacked in a robbery over the weekend.

The victim’s coworkers at PoJo’s say the attack was as unnecessary as it was violent. Police went to the store manager’s house early Saturday morning to tell her a clerk in her 60s had been robbed and beaten with a baseball bat.

“When he told me I needed to get dressed and come to the store because she’d been hurt, my first thoughts were wondering how she was, if she was okay, is she alive? The officer said, 'she is, for now,” Jennifer Taylor said.

Police found evidence from the attack behind the building and called a K9 unit, which they say led them almost to the home of Frederick Jones. Their search then turned up more evidence.

“We put a track on him from the evidence that we had in hand. We also got some video from other businesses in the community to see if we could locate the suspect,” said Sheriff Mike Kile, Screven County.

They say the security video showed the robber go past the cash registers to attack the clerk when she came from the back room.

“He caught her by surprise with the first lick and continued beating her over and over again. There was no reason or purpose for it,” Sheriff Kile said.

Clerks at the store say they’re glad to know a suspect is behind bars. Jennifer says she called the victim in the hospital to tell her.

“The first thing she said to me was to ask if she could come back to work. I was like, 'Wow!"

The suspect remains in the Screven County Jail. He is facing charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault, and probation violation.

The victim is still in the hospital.

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