Gulfstream responds to rumor of upcoming layoffs

Gulfstream responds to rumor of upcoming layoffs

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - WTOC has gotten several calls and messages about possible layoffs coming at Gulfstream.

We asked Gulfstream and they did not outright confirm or deny the looming layoffs. Instead, they said, “As a growing company, we regularly make changes to our workforce.”

We asked if there is a rough number or percentage of people who will be cut? Their response was, "It would be premature to comment on how many employees could be affected at any of our locations.”

We asked can you confirm the area impacted involves engineers company-wide? They replied, “I cannot confirm that. What I can tell you is that there will be very minimal impact to our direct (touch) labor force.”

We also tried to find out why the layoffs were happening. We asked specifically, “is this offset an effect from Chinese tariffs?”

They said, "...we are encountering some headwinds at the macro level, including a slowdown in emerging markets and the impact of economic and geopolitical conditions around the world."

A few employees say the announcement was made two weeks ago over a conference call that layoffs are on the way company-wide. Employees say it was said the layoffs will happen in mid-to-late October, but Gulfstream would not confirm this timeline.

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