Alamo Police believe dog found dead in yard was attacked by animals

Reward offered after dog found dead in front yard

ALAMO, Ga. (WTOC) - A police investigation into the brutal attack of a dog in Alamo, Ga. has drawn national interest, and now includes a $5,000 reward.

We want to warn you - this story has some graphic details.

This all began after the dog owner discovered the family's pet dead in the front yard, and then posted a photo on social media that claimed the dog had been skinned.

The dog's death now has the attention of Guardians of Rescue, a New York-based animal rescue group that also handles animal cruelty investigations. The organization is offering a cash reward for any information that may lead to an arrest.

The group wants to know what happened to Brownie, the lab mix who was found dead on Monday in the front yard of her Alamo home.

Her owner said the family pet was skinned and discarded in the front yard. She took a photo and posted it on social media. It shows Brownie lying dead on its side with what appears to be most of the skin removed from the torso area.

"This dog was tortured in such a horrific manner that my heart breaks, not only for the family, but just for the people of your town knowing that somebody would have done that. It's just inconceivable to me in my years of experience that they caught up with some animal that did that unless you have Chupacabras running in your town,” Guardians of Rescue Director of Investigations Jack Garcia said.

The Alamo police chief says the photo does appear to show a skinned animal; however, he personally examined Brownie’s injuries and says they look to be more consistent with an attack by a pack of animals.

“It appears to me to be another animal, because it actually tore away at the skin. Actual bite marks penetrated the inner layer of the skin,” said Alamo Police Chief, Roger Bryant.

Chief Bryant says he went to the call himself when the owner reported the dog had been killed. He says the skin tears are too rough for a knife blade or weapon. He says he found wounds shaped like an animal’s mouth.

Alamo Police believe dog found dead in yard was attacked by animals

“When I turned it over, that’s when I saw; other marks; bite marks,” Chief Bryant said.

He also described what he says he didn’t see: no fresh footprints or tire marks; everything was from at least the day before.

“Due to the dew on the ground, there didn’t seem to be any humans going up to it,” the chief said.

He says he appreciates animal groups and their desire to find a guilty person, but he doesn’t believe it happened that way. He says he will continue to investigate to figure out what happened.

Chief Bryant added that the department has received recent reports of animals being mauled in the area. The investigation is ongoing.

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