Car break-ins and home burglaries becoming problem in Effingham County

Car break-ins and home burglaries becoming problem in Effingham County

RINCON, Ga. (WTOC) - Car break-ins and home burglaries are becoming a nuisance in parts of Effingham County.

Rincon Police say warm weather and weekends are the peak times.

When it comes to locking your car door, or even your house, you would think it would come second nature, but oftentimes, when people don’t secure their cars or their houses, it leaves open opportunities for thieves to simply make their move and take what they want with ease.

One Rincon neighborhood off of Fort Howard Road is one of the targeted.

Lt. Daniel Thompson with the Rincon Police Department said it’s all about opportunity and easy access.

“We found there’s two different types of organizations. There’s an organized type of car break-ins, and there’s a random type, Lt. Thompson said. "The random type are kind of hard to solve, because that could be your neighborhood kids. Organized types are folks that come in from other areas.”

Thompson says although the recent string of break-ins are not outside of what would be normal, he thinks people should be much more vigilant.

“Very rarely when we go to these calls is it a smashed window or any forced entry, because criminals are opportunistic, so if it’s easy, they’ll take advantage of it," he said.

Lt. Thompson says they typically have two to three patrol officers in one neighborhood, but they can’t be everywhere at once.

“We try not to patrol where the criminal has been,” Lt. Thompson said. “We try to patrol where he or she is going to be next, because if criminals know one thing, it’s once the crime is reported, we’re going to respond heavy to that area.”

“We have cameras installed at the front of our neighborhood, so it does take a picture of all of the license plates that go in and out.”

Tammy Liverance says she never takes any chances, and is always on high alert.

“People aren’t really robbing the front of the neighborhood or breaking into cars and things at the front of the neighborhood, because of those cameras," Liverance said. "The issues have been in the back of the neighborhood where people can come in through other means.”

Police say one thing that can make a difference is to simply lock your car doors and houses.

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