GA Forestry granting fewer burn permits as dry conditions persist

GA Forestry granting fewer burn permits as dry conditions persist

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Georgia Forestry is granting fewer burn permits in our area as drought conditions persist.

Not everybody got rain from thunderstorms Friday night. Some places are so dry that forestry officials are telling people that a simple fire for leaves or limbs could get out of control very quickly.

It’s the strangest September Doug Chassereau can remember. Leaves look like October with temperatures straight out of July.

“With the high temperatures and the way it’s dried out, we’re having fires in places we typically don’t have fires,” Chassereau said.

He says they’re being very cautious about granting burn permits due to the conditions. A simple spark can travel to tree litter like straw or pine cones and ignite quickly.

Bulloch County Fire Chief Chris Ivey says their volunteer stations have run more than 100 brush fire calls this year - most of them since July. He says a leaf or trash fire, even in a barrel, can get out of hand quickly.

“If it’s hot outside and the fire’s putting off heat, they go inside for a glass of water. They come back outside, and their yard’s on fire, and the neighbor’s yard’s on fire,” Chief Ivey said.

The chief says they are strongly urging people to hold off on burning until conditions improve.

Chassereau knows that some county offices are granting burn permits because they’ve had some rain, and conditions aren’t quite as severe. He is still urging anybody that wants to burn to hold off until some adequate rain comes.

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