Jesup extending a hand to help those affected by Dorian in the Bahamas

Jesup extending a hand to help those affected by Dorian in the Bahamas

JESUP, Ga. (WTOC) - Jesup, Ga. may seem like a long way from the Bahamas. But people with a heart already for that area have put together a plan to help.

They’ve got resources and materials. What they need now are people with skills and a free week to go down and help.

Tim Harris has fished in the Bahamas for decades. He flew down after Hurricane Dorian to rescue a friend's family and saw the damage firsthand.

“There was not a leaf for 100 miles. It was like you took a blow torch to the whole land. It was horrible,” Harris said.

He’s organized other people to not only donate and collect supplies but deliver them. They’ve teamed with The Beasley Group who’s donating a barge load of lumber for building.

“This really streamlines it so we can get on the ground quicker. The greatest need now is for people with the skills and the availability to go down and help with recovery,” Ga. Baptist Mission Board Rev. Eric Rentz said.

One Jesup business donated an RV for a raffle. The proceeds go to the relief efforts.

“It's amazing that Wayne County has always been good about coming together in tough times and they really have to do this for the people in the Bahamas,” donor Ray Moore said.

They’ve organized pilots who can fly volunteers down to help build and help people there get on with their life.

They say this is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. If you can’t go this month, there’ll be chances next month and the month after that. They just ask that you have a valid passport and enough time to put in a whole week.

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