Top Teacher: Diana Browning

Top Teacher: Diana Browning

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - There is nothing like seeing the enthusiasm on the faces of children ready to learn, especially the younger ones. This week’s WTOC Top Teacher, keeps her students focused on learning but also having fun.

Diana Browning is making sure her kindergarten students are paying attention in class at Julia P. Bryant Elementary School.

Browning graduated from Georgia Southern and has been teaching for 16 years.

“I went to school to be specifically a kindergarten teacher because my passion is teaching kids to learn how to read,” Browning said. “I feel like if I give them a good foundation in kindergarten, then they are going to be successful as they grow up.”

When Browning was growing up, she said she was inspired to become a teacher.

“I actually had an aunt growing up who was a kindergarten teacher, she lived in Connecticut. In the summertime, my sister and I would pack up her classroom. She was so passionate, always loved working with kids seeing that kindergarten classroom and all the things that she did and made me want to be a teacher,” Browning said.

Browning says it’s more than reading and writing though, she wants her children to learn.

“Learn to be a good person, learn to be a good listener, and those life skills. How to be a good student and ready to learn,” she said.

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