Public fishing area expanded in Evans County

Public fishing area expanded in Evans County

EVANS COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Few things offer the peace and quiet of a good fishing spot. One place in Evans County can now offer anglers even more.

This fishing area saw over 18,000 visitors last year. The hope is the new additions bring even more people and businesses.

Crowds came Thursday to celebrate the expansion of the public fishing area. William Sands came to remember his dad.

"Bidd" Sands was the first soldier from Evans County killed in Vietnam. The area that's now belonged to Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources for many years was his childhood home away from home.

“I would always come to visit my grandparents for a few weeks here. I learned to swim in the pond,” Sands said.

Georgia DNR added 22 camping spots for RV's or tents with different levels of utilities available. State leaders pointed out it's the first site like this in the state to have camping sites.

They hope it offers visitors a place to come for a weekend or a whole week. Those kinds of visitors also mean income for the park and the community.

“Fishermen spend about $1.1 billion on their sport in this state, and have an economic impact of $2.1 billion,” Ga. Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Mark Williams said.

The expansion also included a conference center built to host close to 100 people. Sands and others hope it gives people a place to come and get away from the rest of the world and enjoy nature.

“The more the public has access to really pretty fishing spots and to take a break from the multi-media world and your devices is really great,” Sands said.

Sands says it feels like he’s not only sharing one of his favorite childhood places, but also sharing his dad as well.

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