More arrests made in connection to escaped Hampton Co. inmates

Escaped inmate from Hampton Co. captured, another still on the run

HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Two inmates that escaped from Hampton County jail were recaptured within a few days.

Now, more people are in custody and facing charges in connection to helping those inmates escape.

22-year-old Malcom White was arrested on October 4th and charged with 2 counts of escape/aiding escape from prison.

43-year-old Joseph Lee Williams and 37-year-old Sheritta Brown were arrested shortly after. They were both charged with two counts of escape/aiding escape from prison.

Law enforcement in Hampton County and surrounding areas began the manhunt for the two inmates who escaped from the Hampton County Detention Center on Thursday night.

James Russell Lee Williams
James Russell Lee Williams (Source: Chatham County Jail)

Officials say Craig Housey and James Williams were first reported missing from the jail shortly after 10 p.m. Thursday.

Williams was arrested in Savannah, Ga. on Friday afternoon. He was taken into custody with a few other individuals who were arrested for aiding and abetting.

The other escapee, Craig Housey, was captured by the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office after a carjacking in Hardeeville, S.C. on Friday evening.

Housey is incarcerated for attempted murder.

“They escaped from the Detention Center. They broke out a glass door in the back," said Kevin Jones, Director, Hampton County Detention Center.

Jones says the design of the housing center they were being held in allowed the inmates - who were held separate from older inmates due to their age - to follow through with the plan.

“The housing unit that they were in, the way it’s built, the back door is half glass.”

Several details, like how long they had been planning it and how they knew where to exit the center, are still unknown.

“We are still interviewing some of the officers, coming up with the details; still looking at cameras, just to find out some more information there.”

Immediately, the Hampton County Sheriff’s Office set up a search for the escaped inmates, going beyond just county lines.

“The search went beyond the scope of Hampton County. It involved to other counties around Hampton County and also, Savannah, Georgia,” said TC Smalls, Hampton County Sheriff.

The officers want residents in Hampton County to know that despite this incident, the Detention Center is secure.

“Hampton County is safe, I must say that. We don’t have a record of a bunch of escapees.”

Until Thursday night, Hampton County Detention Center has had two escapes in recent memory: one in 2007 and then again in 2016.

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