Richmond Hill Police pleading with citizens to lock car doors after rash of thefts

Richmond Hill Police pleading with citizens to lock car doors after rash of thefts

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - Three suspects are behind bars in Bryan County after a string of thefts took place in Richmond Hill.

The Richmond Hill Police Department thanked people living in the Sterling Creek Subdivision for their quick reporting. Now, the department is begging people to lock their cars.

Police provided a video to WTOC that shows the moments they were able to catch several thieves in the act of stealing cars. Chief Mitch Shores says many of the suspects aren’t even from the area, which makes things even worse.

The chief says they believe the same suspects may also be responsible for recent crimes in Effingham and Chatham counties as well. He says at one point after they made the arrests, they went door to door to check to see whose car doors were locked and whose were not. He says they credit the community for such quick action of paying attention and speaking up.

In the process, Shores says they were able to recover three stolen cars. He says when it gets closer to the holidays, the thefts increase.

“It appears that none of the suspects were from Richmond Hill. I believe one was from South Carolina. We’ve been communicating with other police departments in the area,” Chief Shores said. “They’ve been sharing with us that they’ve been having the same problems. They’ve had a rash of entering autos in their cities also. What we’re going to be doing now, part of our followup is, we’ve shared these arrests and property that was recovered with those other jurisdictions, and we’re just going to continue to communicate with them to see if not only we can clear up as many cases as we can here in Richmond Hill, but maybe help them clear theirs too.”

Chief Shores says there are still several arrests that need to be made. The chief also says neighbors need to be more proactive. The same night as the takedown, officers found that nearly half of the car doors they checked were unlocked.

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