Beaufort Co. officials warning drivers to be extra careful on Trask Parkway as crashes continue to increase

Beaufort Co. officials warning drivers to be extra careful on Trask Parkway as crashes continue to increase

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - One road in Beaufort County has been causing issues for Beaufort and Burton fire departments.

Trask Parkway can be a safe road, if you follow the law, but the consistently high number of crashes has the Burton Fire District asking people to be more cautious when driving in the area.

“If you pay attention and drive the speed limit, you won’t have a problem,” said Sherry Brodus and her husband.

When the Brodus family hits the road and turns onto Trask Parkway, they know they have to be careful. They say tourists are the issue.

“Tourists come through. That’s the biggest problem. They come through there, looking side to side, which store they want to come to; ‘should I get some cash from the credit union.’ That’s the problem.”

Dozens of crashes take place on Trask Parkway each year. Already in 2019, 40 reported crashes have occurred, and the Burton Fire District says they are on track to meet or exceed last year’s numbers.

“So, the more vehicles you have on the roadways, the more vehicle accidents you’re going to have,” said Captain Dan Byrnes, Burton Fire District. “Trask Parkway has been around for decades. We’ve only seen an increase in motor vehicle accidents, mostly because of the amount of vehicles that are on the road.”

They say part of the problem is Beaufort’s growth.

“A lot of the problems we have here is Beaufort County’s population has grown exponentially."

Byrnes says most crashes they see happen at intersections, or when people are pulling onto the road.

“They are happening at intersections. When you come to these intersections, look, slow down, look left, right, maybe look left, right again before you pull out.”

The only thing people can immediately do is take a bit more caution.

“Make sure it’s safe to pull out,” Byrnes said. “Take your time, wear your seat belt, make sure your children are properly restrained in a seat belt, because ultimately, getting to your destination alive or coming home at the end of the day is the only thing that’s important.”

Captain Byrnes also says that to make Trask Parkway and surrounding roads safer, one of the best things the city can do is plan for more expansion.

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