Hilton Head Island medical clinics recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hilton Head Island medical clinics recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and some medical clinics on Hilton Head Island are bringing it into the spotlight.

Healthcare professionals stress that early detection saves lives when it comes to breast cancer, and that it all starts with a trip to your doctor’s office.

It’s recommended that women have an exam from their primary care doctor, but also a yearly mammogram beginning at age 40. Men can also develop breast cancer. While they don’t receive yearly mammograms, it is still recommended that they have a yearly physical.

Thanks to medical advances, many places, including Hilton Head Hospital’s Bluffton Campus, offer 3D mammography, which can help doctors detect abnormalities in women with dense breast tissue.

Angie Gillespie with Hilton Head Hospital says October is a cause for celebration in their office, honoring the fighters they help care for.

“Of course, it’s rather sad when someone comes in and has to have something extra, and maybe we diagnose them with breast cancer, but the celebration part of it is when we see them and they come back and they’re survivors, and we celebrate the fact that they’ve fought this process, and, you know, we were right there with them all the way," Gillespie said.

Doctors recommend a self exam once a month. They say it’s important to do it at the same time each month, and if you notice anything different, contact your doctor.

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