Deputies investigate three separate shots fired incidents in Jasper County

Deputies investigate three separate shots fired incidents in Jasper County

JASPER COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after three separate shooting incidents happened in the Hardeeville and Purrysburg areas within three hours of each other Tuesday night.

The first was a drive-by shooting that happened on Jenkins Avenue. Investigators say while they were on scene, a second shooting happened on Old Charleston Highway. Then, a third incident was also reported in the Industrial Park community.

There are no suspects at this time and no injuries have been reported.

Jenkins Avenue, the site of the first shooting, is most residential, along with a few businesses on the street. Brian Dziadaszek works just down the road at Athena Marble. He says the shooting surprised them, but he says it doesn’t reflect on the community.

“Back here, we have the scrapyard and everything there, and we see people all the time,” he said. “We see people from Beaufort, from off the interstate. They come by and just talk, but I’ve never felt unsafe around here. I’ve always felt safe. I’ve never come to work worried about my drive home or passing that house. I’ve never felt any, I guess you could say, ‘unsafe.’ I don’t know how to say it. ‘Unsafe’ is a good way to say it. It’s a good community around here.”

WTOC reached out to the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office for an update on the investigations. Sheriff Chris Malphrus was not in the office because he worked several hours on the shootings Tuesday night. We asked the sheriff’s office for a copy of the incident reports from each shooting. We were told the reports were unavailable, citing the officer’s reports system has been down for two weeks. We will reach back out for an update on Thursday.

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