Good News: Together for seven decades

Good News: Together for seven decades

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Love has no time limit. One Montgomery County couple continues to prove that after 75 years together.

After seven decades together, Bernard and Caroline Foskey don’t have any secrets from each other, or from the rest of us.

“We just made the best of everything, tried to,” said the couple. “We did.”

The Foskeys have been married for 74 years - since Aug. 4, 1945.

“I was 20 and she was 15.”

“Reverend H.E. Grace, he was a preacher. He married us at his house.”

“On a Saturday night, wasn’t it?”

“I think so.”

In the 74 years since, they have shared many memories and stayed close to one town - where they met in Montgomery County, near Uvalda.

“We were about raised up together. She lived about three miles down the road, and I lived up there where that big house is,” Bernard said.

That’s also where they raised their family, and where most of that family remains close. They have three boys, five grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

“When one of us comes, I can speak for myself, they just drop everything and give us their attention.”

“It’s unquestionable how fortunate we are, because most families don’t even have their parents at these ages. They’re 94 and 89 now and counting. Both of them are very active. There have been problems, but they’ve overcome them.

They have done that since 1945, and do today, by still recognizing what they love about each other.

“She’s genuine. She don’t put on, and she’s plain. She’ll tell you what she thinks,” Bernard said.

“Well, he’s dependable. He’s good to me. Always has been. Couldn’t ask for it to be any better,” said Caroline.

So, maybe the Foskeys’ secret to staying together is simply that they enjoy being together.

"We couldn’t imagine not being together because we’ve always been together. "

“We’ve never been separated.”

“We have never been separated, that’s for sure.”

When the Foskeys were married in 1945, Harry Truman was four months into his first term as president.

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