Statesboro Sheriff issues homecoming warning

Statesboro Sheriff issues homecoming warning

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - What might start as harmless pranks can turn into criminal trouble for high school students during homecoming week.

Homecoming week can get high school students super excited, especially those infamous junior-senior wars. The sheriff in Bulloch County has a message for students at three local high schools that have homecoming this weekend: Be smart and don’t get yourself in trouble.

He says what was once just a little toilet paper thrown into the trees has turned into spray paint, food coloring, and super glue - things that can do damage and lead to criminal charges. He says you could get injured in somebody’s yard, or they could press charges and you end up with a criminal record. At the worst, a homeowner could come outside with a gun and mistake you for a burglar. He’s urging students to think before they prank.

“We’ve had pools damaged, pumps on the pools,” Sheriff Noel Brown said. “We’ve had spray paint on the side of houses. We’ve had trees damaged in a yard. The only way to get it off was to peel the bark off the tree.”

The sheriff says he hopes the message has gotten through. He’s heard of some classes bringing the items they would have used and donating them to disaster relief.

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