GBI assisting with death investigation after incident at Jesup service station

GBI assisting with death investigation after incident at Jesup service station

JESUP, Ga. (WTOC) - A death investigation is underway in Jesup after investigators responded to a report of an armed robbery in progress at Peaches Service Station, Thursday afternoon.

Wayne County Sheriff John Carter says his deputies already had a lookout for the man, who they identified as Alexzander Tompkins, for an earlier complaint that said he was carrying around a gun and acting strangely.

They got to the store quickly when the clerk saw Tompkins come in with the gun. He got everyone out and hit the panic button.

“He didn’t go in and actually say I’m going to rob you," said Sheriff John Carter. "He went in and showed them the gun and went over to the cooler and chugged a beer.”

The clerk tells WTOC Tompkins told them he was hiding from the police. But he just sat there as everyone else ran from the store. The clerk locked the doors to keep Tompkinds inside.

Deputies and Jesup police officers set up a perimeter and began calling for Tompkins on the public address system. They say he did not respond.

“An ambulance, all the police cars, they had this road blocked, that road blocked, the other one over here was blocked,” said Quinton Digsby, local.

Officers continued to call and message him via telephone in an attempt to make contact throughout the entire incident. They were able to gain a live video feed inside the store, but no movement was detected.

After some time, officers entered the store, where they continued to call for Tompkins. After no response, they began clearing the store and located him dead in the restroom.

Two medics from Wayne County’s S.R.T. team were quickly brought in, but Tompkins was already dead.

The clerk tells us they are just grateful this all ended without anybody else getting hurt.

The investigation has been turned over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

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