Savannah Bowl-a-palooza raises money for AMBUCS

Savannah Bowl-a-palooza raises money for AMBUCS

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The community and WTOC’s very own sports director Jake Wallace came together and bowled for Savannah AMBUCS on Saturday.

It was the finale for all celebrity fundraisers today at their annual bowl-a-palooza at the Savannah Lanes on Tibet Avenue.

Savannah AMBUCS has been inspiring mobility and independence for people with different abilities since 1941.

It’s one of the reasons why Jake wanted to get involved.

“Seeing what AMBUCS does for so many people in this community, it’s a really big deal to just kind of get everyone involved, get everyone going, and get everyone having a good time,” Wallace said.

AMBUCS says they raised a total of $112,000 dollars so far in their campaign.

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