Overturned cargo ship to be disassembled in St. Simons Sound

Overturned cargo ship to be disassembled in St. Simons Sound
Responders with the Unified Command reposition boom around the motor vessel Golden Ray on Oct. 1 in St. Simons Sound, Brunswick, Georgia. The barrier boom is maintained daily due to strong currents in the sound and skimming teams are conducting surface clean-up to recover oil product. (Source: U.S. Coast Guard/Ga. DNR/Unified Command)

ST. SIMONS, Ga. (WTOC) -Maritime experts working to remove the Golden Ray from the St. Simons Sound have decided to disassemble the ship where it lays.

The decision to take the craft apart comes after experts concluded that it is not possible to safely turn and float the vessel in the waterway. The Unified Command response team will develop a plan to remove the Golden Ray’s entire hull, components, and cargo.

Crews are continuing to remove fuel from oil tanks onboard the Golden Ray. More than 225,000 gallons have been removed since the cargo vessel flipped in September.

The Georgia Department of Health has issued a swimming and fishing advisory, and members of the public are encouraged to visit the Georgia Department of Public Health website or call (844) 863-0325 for further public health information and advisories.

Members of the public should not touch oil or attempt to rescue oiled birds or wildlife. They should instead report any sightings of oil to (800) 424-8802 and report any oiled wildlife to (800) 261-0980.

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