Jasper Co. Sheriff’s Office is fighting county-wide drug problem

Jasper Co. Sheriff’s Office is fighting county-wide drug problem
A ride-along with the Jasper County Sheriff's Office. (Source: WTOC)

JASPER COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Jasper County is nearly 700-square miles, and the sheriff’s office knows drugs come through the county on Interstate 95.

“Why would someone, in that case, with Connecticut tags be going down a local road from the interstate? So, if we are on this stretch of road and out of state cars are coming down this road that’s a red flag,” Jasper Co. Sheriff Chris Malphrus.

WTOC rode along with the VICE unit Wednesday to find out how often the team finds drugs in the county. They said it can happen at any given time.

“Sheriff Malphrus has been very proactive in this regard that the crimes suppression narcotics team, every day we go out and sit out raises and not just to arrest them and put them in jail, but also to get them help."

A traffic stop Wednesday resulted in a mother/daughter pair getting pulled over and cited for having marijuana in the car.

“OK, just sit right there on the bumper so what’s going to happen is there just going to check the car."

Not only that, they were growing their own marijuana plant inside the car.

Sheriff Malphrus said the officers do more than just drug stops. Even when they’re searching for drugs.

“We go from domestics to animal calls to civil complaints to traffic stops to murder scenes. So we change hats constantly and this officer here was just an example of that.”

Since 6 a.m. Wednesday morning, the office has responded to 24 calls including animal calls, welfare checks, and burglary.

“Really, they’re the jack of all trades. We change hats constantly as law force officials. You’ve seen that today.”

But deputies emphasized drugs are an issue in the area and the task force is out to fix the issue.

“We get a lot of calls from citizens about drug activity so we’re going to see if we can dig into those today.”

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