Savannah candidate forum, debate held by downtown associations

Tourism Leadership Council hosts Savannah candidate forum and debate

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As we get closer to Election Day, candidates running for office in the City of Savannah are getting a few more opportunities to share their goals with the community.

Thursday afternoon, the Tourism Leadership Council, Downtown Business Association, and Downtown Neighborhood Association hosted a forum and debate inviting candidates for several offices, including those vying for mayor.

To the room full of downtown residents, business operators and members of the tourism community, candidates pining to represent Savannah's 2nd District, At-Large Posts 1 and 2, and the seat for mayor all made their case why they are the best candidate.

For the four mayoral candidates, topics ran the board.

Incumbent Eddie DeLoach was asked about his ability to get the council to work together in a new term to keep Savannah moving forward.

“I can’t do anything about people that will not work with me, but I will work hard to work with the people that will work with me. And we’ve been able to do that over four years, we’ll be able to do it over another four years," DeLoach said.

District 1 Alderman Van Johnson gave this response when asked about his ability to work with other governmental agencies and municipalities in the county if elected mayor.

Johnson said, “Under my mayoral administration, you will see a heightened relationship between these communities. Because what affects one, affects all. And certainly, we have to get out of this silo-way of thinking that it’s them and us. It’s really all of us together.”

The question of term limits for mayor and council came up for all, and this is what former State Representative Regina Thomas had to say.

“I do believe in term limits. When I went to the House of Representatives, I term-limited myself to two terms. I did not go there to die there. It was not my seat. We need to make sure that we don’t take possession of the seats that the people have entrusted in us," she said.

Louis Wilson, Sr said in closing if elected, he intends to bring the council together for the betterment of the community.

Wilson said, "I think that's what we need in city council, somebody that can unify Savannah, and bring all of these things together and make it gel for the benefit of the community, for the people in Savannah. On my sign, I have the people's mayor, and that's what I intend to be."

The candidates are invited to square off Thursday night in a debate hosted by the Savannah Alliance of Pastors.

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