Beaufort Co. preparing ahead of Tropical Storm Nestor

Beaufort Co. preparing ahead of Tropical Storm Nestor

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Places in the Lowcountry saw a lot of wind and some downed trees during Hurricane Dorian, but not a lot of rain. Since this weekend’s forecast is changing that, Bluffton officials are preparing just in case.

With a possible heavy rainmaker on the way Bluffton emergency services want citizens to know that if you need them they will be on their way.

The Lowcountry is named just that for a reason. The low-lying lands can flood easily. Bluffton officials say they are trying to get ahead of that flooding before any rain comes this weekend.

Mayor Lisa Sulka says she would warn citizens to watch out for roads like All Joy, Bluffton Parkway, and the McCracken loop. Officials are saying make sure your ditches and culverts are clear. Don’t wait for the town to come clear anything out when there’s a possibility of a storm coming in the next few days.

The Bluffton Fire Department says they have been watching the storms and preparing their gear for when they come. They say their gear can handle many water challenges. Their rescue truck has the ability to go through high levels of water, and it also carries a raft with it at all times.

They say no matter what, they want citizens to be prepared.

“We desperately need the rain, as the farmers I’m sure would attest," said Lee Levesque, Bluffton Fire Captain. "However, whenever we get that amount of rain in a short period of time there is the potential for flooding, Whether we can say ‘yes there is’ or ‘no Mother Nature in unpredictable.’ The good news is we have the ability to see what is going on around us and if, in fact, the water starts to collect in an area and it concerns folks, you’ve got emergency services. Let us know.”

Levesque also adds, with any heavy rain there is the possibility of downed trees. They want citizens in Bluffton to know if there are any mishaps, they will work on them as soon as possible.

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