Road construction, fair traffic to collide next week on Hwy 67

Road construction, fair traffic to collide next week on Hwy 67
Road construction on Highway 67. (Source: WTOC)

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - You can see traffic moving one lane at a time along Highway 67 outside Statesboro as part of a widening project. It’s been going on all year so far.

But the toughest challenge comes next week when tens of thousands of evening commuters run headlong into tens of thousands of fair patrons.

The widening from two lanes to four starts just outside the Fairground entrances. Bulloch County Sheriff's deputies will be out Monday through Saturday nights to direct traffic. They're asking drivers who normally travel to find an alternate route.

Otherwise, you could be stuck in traffic as thousands of cars wait to pull in the parking lot. He says a detour might take a few minutes but will likely be quicker than waiting in one spot.

“What we want the public to understand is we understand. You don't want to be sitting in traffic any longer than we want you sitting there. The quicker we get all the traffic through, the quicker we get to get out of the road,” Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Greg Collins said.

He cautions drivers not to think they can park at the medical complex across the highway and walk over. The property owners have already said they’ll have cars towed from there to discourage people from being on the road on foot.

Lt. Collins said they’ll have barrels and lanes set up out to keep the traffic going into the fair separate from the folks trying to get around it. He just asks drivers to be patient, pay attention and make sure you’re in the place you want to be.

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