Tybee Island identifies possible SPLOST 7 projects

Tybee Island identifies possible SPLOST 7 projects

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) - In less than three weeks, Chatham County voters will head to the polls. In addition, to choosing their local government leaders, Chatham County voters will also see a SPLOST 7 Referendum.

If passed, Chatham County says the one-cent sales tax could generate nearly $400 million to help the county and its municipalities with different projects.

“We’ve spent millions of dollars over the past few years in SPLOST money on drainage projects to deal with heavy rain events like we’re experiencing today. Obviously, we want to continue that work,” Tybee Island Mayor Jason Buelterman said.

On Friday, the City of Tybee Island released their funding requests for this next possible SPLOST cycle.

Mayor Buelterman says some of the funds will go to help with road and drainage improvements and fix water and sewer infrastructure.

“For example, there are areas of the island where we saw some backflow preventers that during Hurricane Irma may have led to increase flooding. They need to be fixed, so that could be something the city could use those dollars for,” the mayor added.

Tybee Island says an estimated value for all of its SPLOST 7 projects comes out to around $4 million.

Mayor Buelteraman says if the island doesn’t receive the money from SPLOST 7, councilmembers will have to look elsewhere for these improvement dollars.

“In the absence of these funds, it’d be difficult to fund some of these projects without having to pay for it out of property tax revenue,” he said.

Although Mayor Bueltermann won't be on the council next year due to leaving his seat in order to run in a future county race, he says the future mayor and council should be able to follow these allocations.

“We tried to make it generalized in such that they could assess the needs of the island from a capital improvement perspective and allocate the money accordingly,” Mayor Buelterman said.

Election Day is set for Tuesday, November 5. However, early voting is happening Monday through Friday at the Chatham County Elections Office on Eisenhower Drive.

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