New lawsuit filed in relation to deadly Lowcountry boating crash

New lawsuit filed in relation to deadly Lowcountry boating crash

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - A new lawsuit has been filed involving a South Carolina family connected to a deadly boating crash. A Pennsylvania insurance company has filed suit against two members of the Murdaugh family.

Paul Murdaugh, 20, is charged in the boat crash that killed Mallory Beach in Beaufort County. The accident happened near Parris Island in February.

Authorities charged Paul Murdaugh with boating under the influence and causing Beach’s death a couple of months later.

The federal lawsuit names Paul’s father and brother in this civil suit. An attorney for the insurance company says the company should not have to pay out insurance policies taken out by Richard Murdaugh.

Richard Murdaugh, Sr. and his son, Richard Murdaugh, Jr. are named in a new lawsuit filed in federal court. The suit was filed by an insurance company, Philadelphia Indemnity. The company is fighting insurance claims made by Murdaugh, who bought two policies with the company, “Philadelphia issued a commercial lines policy of insurance, ”and “a commercial umbrella liability insurance policy to Murdaugh.”

According to the lawsuit, the company does not believe it should have to defend or payout the policies to Richard Murdaugh, who is being sued by Mallory Beach’s mother. Philadelphia Indemnity claims it has no duty to defend, or indemnify, compensate Murdaugh through legal proceedings involving the Beach lawsuit.

You may remember, Mallory Beach’s mother filed a lawsuit earlier this year. That suit:

New lawsuit filed in relation to deadly boating crash.
New lawsuit filed in relation to deadly boating crash. (Source: WTOC)

In this new federal lawsuit, the insurance company argues it should not be on the hook because the insurance claim Richard Murdaugh is filing does not fall under his coverage.

Murdaugh’s insurance policy covers hunting operations and associated accidents. The Beach lawsuit argues that the actions taken by the Murdaugh family the night of the crash were not accidents since Murdaugh Jr. and Richard Murdaugh knew or should have known of Paul Murdaugh’s actions.

The coverage also explicitly excludes watercraft from the coverage. Richard Murdaugh, Jr. is also not included in the coverage. As a result, the insurance company is claiming they have no need to defend or indemnify Richard Murdaugh or the Beach family as a result.

Attorneys for both parties have not released a comment.

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