Statesboro Goodwill adds new Donation Express

Statesboro Goodwill adds new Donation Express

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Goodwill’s store in Statesboro wants to make it easier for you to donate your old belongings.

If you had a donation to take to the big store across town, you might have thought twice just because of the traffic of people going in there. Goodwill says it’s their busiest in the region. The hope is this location serves like pit row at a NASCAR race, you come here, make the drop, and get gone!

Goodwill leaders officially opened their first-ever Donations Express location. They’ll have staff here to collect whatever people bring to donate, get them a tax receipt, and get it across town to the store on Highway 80 East. While that location gets the most customers and purchases, what they need are more items donated.

“We need 50,000 to 60,000 individual donor transactions each year," Jason Marshall, Goodwill employee said. "Right now, we have to funnel donations from other communities to help support this store. What we’re trying to do is build that donation base here at home.”

They say putting the Donation Express shop on the opposite side of town is no accident so that anyone in town has a convenient drop off spot no matter where they live.

That’s not all. Starting in late Nov., they’ll start selling used computers here so people who need one for their job or business can get one to improve their career

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