Card company honors military, includes Nine Line Apparel logo

Card company honors military, includes Nine Line Apparel logo

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The card company Bicycle has recently come out with a Limited Edition Deck. But this deck of playing cards is different.

Instead of kings and queens, this deck features American companies all of which are helping the military post 9-11. One card in the deck is very close to the heart of Savannah.

In fact, printed on the nine of hearts is the company logo for Nine-Line Apparel.

Some may remember a deck of cards created in 2003 that featured 52 of the most wanted targets during the Iraq war. Each one had the face and name of a wanted target.

“You know it had Saddam and on the Ace of Spades and it had what we called our high-value targets.”

Marjorie Eastman, a veteran herself served in the U.S. Army for 10 years, including two combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Eastman is also the creator of this new deck of cards.

“It’s the first time Bicylce has done something military related and now we have a deck of the good guys, which is our military community. So instead of faces of veterans, it’s the logo for a business or charity that was founded by a veteran or military family member.”

On the 9-of hearts is the logo of a business very familiar to the Savannah and military community, Nine Line.

“Our owner Tyler Marret was super stoked when she contacted us and bicycle contacted us to be on the front line leaders deck of cards. We think that the nine of hearts is an absolutely appropriate place to be.”

Marjorie Eastman says choosing Nine Line was an easy choice.

“They really doing something special. As a lifestyle brand, they’re really bringing back this notion that hey being relentlessly patriotic is what it’s all about.”

Also featured on the deck, every branch of service, along with family members, and Gold Star Families.

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