New boundaries laid out for quadricycles in Savannah

Boundaries for quadricycles changed
Boundaries for quadricycles changed(WTOC)
Published: Oct. 24, 2019 at 6:27 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - There’s an agreement between Savannah city staff and owners and operators of several popular downtown tour rides.

A recent proposal would have banned people from drinking alcohol on quadricycle rides. You may have seen these pubs on wheels carrying people around downtown.

If you ask the attorney representing the companies fighting the proposed alcohol ban on their rides, he wouldn’t call it a compromise, rather the solution they have been presenting all along.

​Today’s council agenda item was about setting boundaries, as in the physical boundaries where quadricycles like those operated by Pedal Pub and Savannah Slow Ride can go. Boundaries to the east and west are Abercorn and Jefferson streets, to north Bryan Street. But the language that changed from the last council meeting was the southern boundary, which moved up a few blocks to Oglethorpe Avenue.

“The real issue is the impact on the residential neighborhoods," said District 2 Alderman Bill Durrence. "If we can get the southern boundary at Oglethorpe, we pretty much take them out of the residential neighborhoods. And that solves a lot of the problem.”

Quadricycles will now have access to what’s considered the warehouse district, around Indian and Fahm streets, allowing them to cross Bay Street for the first time.

“We’re going exactly where we wanted to go, down Indian Street into areas where there are not as many residents," said Patrick Connell with Savannah Slow ride and Pedal Pubs. "We wanted to be good citizens a long time ago and asked the City to let us do that a long time ago. So we’re happy with the outcome today.”

With the approval of the new boundaries, council opted to table the prohibition of alcohol while patrons are on the ride for now.

​The boundary changes in the ordinance also included increasing the reach of pedicabs, extending as far south as Victory Drive.

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