Tormenta FC owners give update on new stadium, retail shops

Tormenta FC owners give update on new stadium, retail shops

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Soccer fans and shoppers alike in Statesboro ride by a certain site and wait to see construction.

Tormenta FC owners announced a new stadium that was also bringing major retail shops with it. The developer says the roads, drainage, and infrastructure may not look like progress, but they’re literally paving the way for a stadium, grocery store, and more to come to this site.

Contractors continue to build a road through what was once a cotton field. The president of Tormenta Soccer announced in March a development would go next to the stadium they would build along Veteran’s Memorial Parkway that would include Publix, a movie theater and more. He says they’ve so far been building the groundwork that will house it all. But that phase will be finished soon.

“Then it starts letting the bigger projects come out of the ground,” said Darin Van Tassell, Tormenta President. “The stadium, and Publix, and the other development.”

He says they’d hoped to move into the stadium this spring from playing at Georgia Southern. But they’ve revised the stadium plans so it can accommodate more events like concerts and more beyond just soccer season.

“We’re planning and designing the stadium that will be great for us and for the city over the next 25 and 30 years from now. And that takes a minute because you want to get it right. But I can tell you from the developer’s side, it’s all moving 100 percent as fast as it can,” said Van Tassell.

He says the roads will tie into the traffic on Statesboro’s bypass as well as into Georgia Southern’s South campus expansion.

He says you could start seeing more visible progress as soon as next week.

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